Empathy TV

See the amazing and inspirational videos on Basicozbizinfo Empathy TV Playlist and be inspired to make a new beginning.

Please view and share the latest broadcasts for the Catalogue Update and Empathy Tweets on Basicozbizinfo Broadcasts. Every week there is a presentation on the tweets that promote empathy, progress and social justices that have been posted and create the Empathy Tweets.

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Basicozbizinfo has an array of amazing followers and they deserve the special treatment.

AMAZING EMPATHY WINNERS are Basicoz Empathy Tweeters who inspire others to be their best, tweeting opportunity & empathy.

AMAZING EMPATHY WINNERS receive a special video just for them and a invitation to upgrade their website, blog or social media page in the Basicozbizinfo Catalogues with a 10% Discount and a FREE Banner ad.

The winners will also be given a mention in the EMPATHY NEWSLETTER and BLOG. 
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