Terms & Conditions

1.Any websites and Social Media Profiles that are submitted free will be listed at the editor's discretion.

2.The date of next Basicozbizinfo update will be displayed on the CATALOGUES page(Date is subject to change).

3.Basicozbizinfo is free to save & view.

Upgrade Payment Methods and T&C

4.Websites or profiles submitted for Upgrade will be charged via credit card payment through STRIPE 

4a.Websites and banner ads will remain in catalogues for a LIFETIME or until it becomes aware that the link is no longer active. Any further changes to existing listing after one month will be treated as a new upgrade.

4b.Catalogues and categories may be subject to name changes as a normal course of general marketing and new categories will be created to accommodate growth.

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5.Basicozbizinfo is an Independent Australian Business, For more info please click on Australian Business Government website.

6.Basicozbizinfo uses AUD(Australian Dollar) Currency, If you are transacting from overseas please use an online

currency converter to see what you will actually be paying.

7.Basicozbizinfo does not wish to endorse or unendorse any Adult Entertainment webmastering. Please do not submit adult or offensive websites or links to be promoted.

8.Basicozbizinfo does not usually accept refunds however this does depend on the reason, any refund issues simply email 

9.To collect information Basicozbizinfo only keeps records that are necessary to publish the catalogues and normal business, the information will NOT be used for email campaigns or sold to any third parties. 

10. Any emailed empathy stories for the Empathy newsletter will be published at the editor's discretion.