My name is Liam Jenkinson and I'm the Online Editor & Publisher of I edit the four catalogues and publish the Empathy Newsletter, Blog & maintain the Basicozbizinfo website.

I have been in Sales & Marketing for over 20 years and have completed a Business Diploma & studied 2 years at University. Basicozbizinfo helps people find empathy and opportunity that helps build their life today or for a new beginning, I find business opportunities through online business networks, such as Twitter, Australian Business Contacts, Wordpress and Tumblr etc.

I find I can help social sellers and web marketers by bringing together a collection of business opportunities from a whole range of business networks that promote empathy in business. The catalogues increase their exposure & more importantly inspire the reader to the right opportunity for them.

Make sure to check out the whole website, it provides tools to help improve your social selling or do a private catalogue search for you with New Beginnings.

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Liam Jenkinson
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