My name is Liam Jenkinson and I'm the Online Editor & Publisher of I edit the four catalogues and publish the Empathy Newsletter, blog & maintain the Basicozbizinfo website.

I have been in Sales & Marketing for over 20 years and have completed a Business Diploma & studied 2 years at University. Basicozbizinfo helps web marketers & business people find a business opportunity that helps build their life today, I find business opportunities through online business networks, such as Twitter, Google and Wordpress etc.

I find I can help social sellers and web marketers by bringing together a collection of business opportunites from a whole range of business networks to create the catalogues, increasing their exposure & more importantly inspiring the reader to the right opportunity for them.

Make sure to check out the whole website, it provides tools to set up your own business site as well general information to assist the online business person.

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Liam Jenkinson
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