Q.What networks does Basicozbizinfo use or a member of?

A. Basicozbizinfo is a member of a range of online business networking sites throughout, predominantly the Networks used to break it down, are Twitter, Google Plus, Australian Business Contacts and Wordpress these networks are great for business2business, and its good to focus on a few good ones then too many ones that are out there but not happening. 
Basicozbizinfo’s main networking sites are Twitter, TumblrAustralian Business Contacts and Wordpress, just to name a few. 

Q.Can I list my website Free and how can I have my website stand out in the catalogue or have a Banner ad displayed?

A. Yes! Click on SUBMIT FREE and submit your name, email & website, then a reply email will be sent letting you know your website will be listed. You can Bold & ENLARGE your website in the catalogue and category of your choice and a BANNER ADVERTISEMENT for your website by upgrading your submission. To find out more on how upgrading works, click here!
Q.How does Basicozbizinfo promote the catalogue?

A. Basicozbizinfo usually appears within the first set of pages when web marketers search for "Business Opportunities Catalogue" or "Web Marketers Catalogue" on Google or Bing.

Basicozbizinfo Catalogue is promoted directly to thousands of like minded twitter followers and different business communities worldwide on Google Plus & Business Social Networks for which Basicozbizinfo is a member of.

Basicozbizinfo has a community and group with Google Plus & Australian Business Contacts etc where businesses can post their opportunity through messages, files, photos & videos. 

Basicozbizinfo helps several business owners through Online Business Networking by offering FREE listings, assistance & advice.

The Basicozbizinfo Blog is uploaded & tagged to all of Basicozbizinfo's Networks, so readers can keep uptodate and comment about any of the new opportunities listed on the catalogue.

Basicozbizinfo Blog is emailed to over 2 Million opt in subscribers worldwide.

Basicozbizinfo is listed in several search engines worldwide!

Basicozbizinfo also publishes the EMPATHY Newsletter which inspires and keeps followers up to date on whats happening in the Basicozbizinfo networks and reveals the update winner who is announced on WDGP Radio.
Q.Why should my business website be on a online catalogue?

A. Catalogues are a great way for your customers to find YOU!

When a potential client uses a search engine to search for what they want or need, the search engine on average will give over 100,000 possibilities relating to that search, this can be very time consuming not to mention your link SWAMPED!

A catalogue is broken into categories, Basicozbizinfo has only a certain amount of links per category which prevents readers being overwhelmed also Basicozbizinfo is more personalised and allows you to choose your own category, giving you more control over how your business is being promoted to potential prospects.

Readers can download and save the catalogue and view at their own discretion & download the catalogue onto your smartphone or tablet device.

Catalogues can be attached to emails, Instant Messages and sent right around the world, Basicozbizinfo has clients from Australia, US, UK & more!

Catalogues can be used as a point of discussion on Blogs, Discussion groups and Chat forums just to name a few interaction methods online!